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Human history knows lots of examples of bad leaders who despite being persuasive and influential caused a lot of damage and people regretted following them. Of course, it is a pity when you are under someone’s impact that is harmful to you and deplete your self-esteem. You may feel undervalued, disrespected or even abused. Good leaders never cause such emotions and people are happy to follow them. Do you want to get rid of stress? Maybe, it was caused by your boss at work or the head of your team at school. Hence, it is essential to be able to recognize the signs of bad leaders and reduce their influence on you and your life. It is not a hard task. All you need is attentiveness and being acknowledged of the points below.


In case your pacemaker disrespects you and other members of your team, he or she cannot be considered as good ones. Moreover, your group will probably fail with reaching common targets as people are not able to work productively when their opinion is not taken into account and all their needs are ignored. Such leaders usually try to show their superiority and disregard someone else’s suggestions even if they are really useful. In the worst situations, these pacemakers humiliate their followers instead of encouraging them. There is no wonder why their teams often fail tasks. No one wants to work under the constant pressure.

Lack of Confidence

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This is true that one of the major traits of a great leader is self-confidence. A good one is able to take responsibility and not afraid of changes and unusual steps. However, in some cases, people who want to rule others do not have such a quality. They usually suffer from hesitancy and cannot make complicated decisions. Therefore, these leaders work ineffectively and cannot persuade others in their rightness. Can this person lead the whole team to a positive result? No, the main reason is that she or he will doubt if the decision is right or wrong or be afraid to change the major strategy which seems to be useless.

Disability of Taking a Long View

It is important for a leader to try another person’s shoes and see things differently. If they do not do it and never correct their strategy according to circumstances, they will never reach success. Bad pacemakers usually keep in mind only their opinion and ideas and cannot even imagine that someone in the team can have a better plan. Moreover, they rarely think about prospects and consequences of their actions. Sure, it results in a huge disappointment.

Too Mild

Team Working

As we mentioned in our previous article, a good leader has to be able to keep a strict discipline in the team. In case leaders are familiar with the major part of their followers and cannot set subordination, there will be no successful results of the common work as people will see no authority in the head of the group. Sure, it is vital to be kind and have mercy, but it does not mean that an executive should forget about discipline. Even if you have friendly relationships with someone of your followers, you have to be strict and keep things in the right order. The mess in the team leads to worse productivity and ineffectiveness of work.

Conservatism in Everything

Without any doubt, sometimes it is important to take traditions into account and use well-known tested schemes. However, a true leader should be ready for risks. If a person is afraid to change something in the strategy and improvise according to the situation, he or she is the worst leader ever. These false pacemakers do not want to be responsible for anything in case some failures occur. They never change important points in the plan and just follow typical schemes which bring no effective results and are useless at all.

Fear of Responsibility

In case a person is afraid of taking all the responsibility for team shortcomings and failures, he or she will probably become the worst leader ever. Sure, it is impossible to be respected and appreciated by others if you are not sure that you are ready to listen to angry remarks and be punished because someone in your groups has failed. It is unpleasant but this is a necessary part of leadership. Keep in mind that people who become the heads of a team and offer their strategy to others will be responsible in case something does not work or brings no positive results.


Some people want to be pacemakers just because they look for the fame and popularity. However, they usually reach no good results and suffer from failures. Egoist cannot be a great leader as this quality is completely different from being ambitious. It means that you put your personal agenda before the team agenda. It often leads to bad results and lots of faults. Such people cannot support their followers and make their team well-disciplined.

All in all, it is essential to know these traits of bad leaders in order to be able to protect yourself from their bad influence. Sure, some people only try to look like great pacemakers, but they cannot rule the team and lead it to the success. The best thing you can do is avoiding them and following someone who is reliable and responsible. On the other hand, you have to reduce such qualities in your character and try to develop some traits which a true leader should have. In the next article, we will explain how to improve them and become the best head for a team and be appreciated by others.