Why Write an MBA Thesis?

Writing a research work is not a mere entertainment. It demands not only great intellectual strain, but much time, efforts and energy, and sometimes money. Still it is a real pleasure to repose on your laurels after the paper is completed and estimated at its true worth. It is definitely worth all the efforts. So if you are a “pre-MBA” person – down with doubts, start to compose your MBA thesis right now.

MBA Thesis Structure

As this type of paper requires a lot of time to be written, do not leave it till a week or two before the deadline. It should be written for several months, carefully and profoundly. As a rule, an MBA thesis is composed according to the following scheme:

Introduction → Background information of a particular thesis topic selection → Literature Review → Findings → Exchange of ideas → Solutions and Suggestions → Summary → List of Bibliographical Sources → Appendices (if needed).

Changes and substitution of the thesis elements are possible and even common. So consult your tutor about the question.

Steps in Thesis Writing Process

The process of MBA thesis writing may be for convenience divided into several stages. These are choosing the topic of investigation, collecting sufficient amount of information of the problem, writing the short draft (outline) of your future dissertation and discussing it with the tutor. Then follows the writing itself and editing the paper. After that you may breathe out with relief. You have the greater part of the work behind you. Now your task is to do minor corrections and enjoy the extensive research paper.

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