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A dissertation is an integral component of Higher Education. You won’t get Master or PhD degree without writing a dissertation. Writing will give you a unique possibility to work on your own, independently from your class and professors. This is good way to train your research and analytical skills. You will be given several months for your dissertation writing, so take your time! Never postpone it to the last moment! You can never write a really good dissertation is short time!

Before you start writing, think, what do you actually know about dissertations? You must be familiar with essay or term paper writing, but this is something completely different! This is rather a way to learn, to develop your own ideas and prove them with your findings. It’s rather like writing a book.

Think of the topic first of all. Having studied for several years you must know exactly what issues of modern life really bother you. Do not ask anyone for advice. This is your individual work and that’s why try to make it as interesting as possible. One you have chosen the topic, consult your advisor because s/he can give you some very useful recommendations.

So, now you have all the recommendations, requirements and this is the time to start the dissertation writing! However, it would be better if you master the relevant literature first. If you want to write confidently, you will have to master all the existing information. Think it over and try to find something new, to fill a certain gap in your field of science. Make some notes or comments about what you’ve read and use quote of some important ideas in your dissertation. Then, conduct your research. Remember that dissertation is not simply about theory. It deals with practice. Conduct a thorough research that will help you prove your thesis.

So, now you have all the material you will work with. Make a plan for your dissertation, some kind of draft. List all the chapters and make some notes concerning each of them. This will make the writing process easier, because you will have the general idea, what to include in each chapter.

The dissertation usually sticks to a certain structure. First of all, make up your title page. Here you should put the title, your name, course name, date and your supervisor’s name. Well, this is the easiest part! And then the other sections come that require much more efforts from you. The first of them is the abstract. This is usually one paragraph of about 400 words summarizing your dissertation and giving the general idea about it. The next thing is acknowledgements. Here you list all those who have assisted you and tell how grateful you are. Then comes the table of contents and figures (if it is appropriate for your dissertation). Introduction is a very important part of the dissertation. Well, it’s hard to tell which of them is more or less important, actually. But introduction has to capture your readers’ attention. You can begin it with something interesting, like a quote or some fact. Then present your thesis statement and all the problems you will touch upon in the dissertation. The biggest part of your dissertation will be the main body or discussion section. Here give all the facts, evidence and evaluation of your research. Make a profound analysis of it and compare your findings to the existing ones. Break this big section into several smaller ones and use subheadings for all of them. Conclusions is a part where you put all your findings together. Give a clear answer to your central question and make certain suggestions based on your research. Your readers should be able to understand the significance of your dissertation and research.

After it some more so-called technical parts usually come. That’s bibliography, which is a list of your sources and appendices, some information not very relevant to the text of your dissertation.

Well, we wish you good luck with dissertation writing. After all, having studied so many years you really deserve getting your academic degree. And if you want to do it easily, address to Thesiswritingservices.net. We will choose a professional writer who will write an outstanding dissertation for you! Any difficulty is not a problem for us! Address to us, save your time and be sure to get your academic degree.

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