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Without any exaggeration, teamwork is very effective both in the large international companies and at colleges or schools. This kind of work helps deal with huge amounts of tasks effectively and reach some important targets. However, although this strategy is quite popular nowadays, not everyone can organize it correctly. It happens that the whole team works unproductively and then some unpleasant results appear. Sometimes the main reason of such a problem is a bad leader. His or her mistakes and a wrong plan of work can lead to the unfortunate consequences for all members of a group. Hence, many people start thinking that there is no necessity in having an exact head of a team and that it is better to discuss everything together. Does this scheme work? In the most cases, it leads to mess and no positive results. People just cannot reach any targets without a pacemaker. There are some important points which prove that leader really plays a great role.

Set Goals

A leader is the one who sets goals for the whole team. Is it possible to work effectively in case you see no target in front of you? Probably you will be discouraged and confused. It will be truly hard to get motivated for the hard work in this case. Hence, you will receive worse results than expected. When it relates to the whole team, it is a pity as everyone wastes time and efforts without understanding a clear aim. People simply do not comprehend the reason they have to do their job diligently. Moreover, a good leader is able to set an exact goal for each of members of the team.

Keep Great Discipline

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The typical problem of people who work in groups is the absence of the good discipline. They see no authorities and behave in the way they want. Sure, it leads to constant mess and conflicts between team members. They can be prevented by the head of a group. If he or she is powerful and persuasive enough, a simple talk with people can improve their behavior and the discipline in the team in general. In case everyone is equal and cannot rule each other, there will be an awful mess as all team members will try to become superior or simply ignore each other. Remember that conflicts based on this issue often ruin the working group.

Encouragements and Motivation

Sure, it is important to be able to motivate yourself in order to work harder, but not everyone can cope with this, especially while working in a team. A true leader is a person who encourages others first of all by the own example, actions or just wise words. The main point is that people start working more effectively and never suffer from frustration. In this way, a team works as the single mechanism, where each person does his or her job productively. Sure, encouraging others is not an easy task, but it is necessary for getting good results. Only a leader can cope with this and find a unique approach to each person.

Adding Important Changes

It often happens that a traditional scheme of work is not effective anymore and people just waste their time in such a way. It means that some changes should be added to a general strategy. Who can do this? Of course, the leaders of a team have to tackle this and take some risks. They also will be responsible for the results of these changes as they can incredibly improve the effectiveness of the teamwork or even do harm to it. Thus, a leader should be really brave in order to improvise and make some unexpected steps. An average member of a group cannot deal with such a task.

Regulation of Relationships Between Teammates

People Have Conflict

Sometimes conflicts may occur even in the best teams with the high team spirit and motivation for doing their job well. It happens because there are lots of different people who have various views, opinions, and goals in one group and they have to cooperate with each other. As a result, quarrels may appear and bring many unpleasant consequences. It is a pity when a team is ruined because of thousands of arguments among its members. Only a true leader can prevent such issues and make everyone stay on good terms with each other. This is a difficult task to connect people, who are completely different and save them from conflicts. However, it is impossible to realize it without a powerful pacesetter, who can be strict and kind at the same time and influence others.

To sum up, there are some influential points, which prove that a good team cannot exist without a strong and powerful leader. In case everyone wants to set the pace and there is no exact person who can become the head of this group, there will be a terrible mess and low effectiveness of work. The best way to make all team members do their job with a good quality is having a certain leader, who is responsible and persuasive enough to tackle dozens of challenges and difficulties. Sure, it does not mean that some questions and problems cannot be discussed, but the main decision should be made by a person who sets the pace for the whole group and can analyze the situation greatly.