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These terms are usually opposed to each other and lots of discussions have been provided in order to indicate what is better: to be a leader or follow others? Probably no one can answer this question correctly as, in the majority of cases, everything depends on the exact person, his or her temper, and life goals. Thus, it is important to be aware of the main benefits of both variants. Unfortunately, many young people usually are confused by these two concepts and think that they can just stay away from both of them. Nevertheless, it is almost impossible in the modern world where a person has to cooperate with others, socialize and participate in the common activities. For example, true leaders can be detected even when they still study at the primary school and have no idea what leadership is at all. Others, per contra, have strong qualities of typical followers who usually support someone else instead of generating their own ideas. However, the first signs of leadership can be recognized at the very young age. It is a pity, but the majority thinks that followership is only for weak and untalented people. This is a completely wrong opinion. We will try to describe positive sides of these concepts below.

The First Thing You Should Do

Sure, first of all, you have to indicate the type of your personality. You have probably noticed the way you act in certain situations. For example, have you ever been a leader of a group at the college or school? Maybe is it better for you to be a part of the team and fulfill tasks given by others? Your target is analyzing your behavior and traits of character. Sure, it is not simple to take a detached view on your life. However, this is the key to discovering your type of personality. Moreover, in this way, you will be able to make better decisions and be more successful at studying or work.

Benefits of Being a Follower

As we mentioned before, the majority of people find that followership is something bad. They say that it is a sign of the person’s weakness and absence of talents. This concept is widespread among students as well who think that only leaders are able to reach success and happiness in the life. Thus, they try to rule others despite not having such skills and talents. It usually leads to failures and disappointment. Nevertheless, things are not that simple. Do not worry in case you have no features which are typical for a great leader. Followership has some significant benefits as well about which you have never thought.

Less Responsibility

Probably the main plus of followership is that you should not take too much responsibility. As a rule, leaders have to do it. They should care about every member of their team. In case some failures in the common work occur or results are worse than it was expected, a pacemaker is responsible for these shortcomings. If you are an ordinary member of a big mechanism, you have no reason to worry when some inaccuracies occur. We can use the big companies as a good example. Executives are responsible for the general result and directors are usually guilty in case their departments failed. It can be also related to the criminal liability in case a big sum of money disappears from a company or some laws are broken in the process of work.

Fewer Risks

In case you are a follower, there is no necessity to take risks. That is what leaders have to do. You should just decide to support or refuse from participating in the risky activities offered by them. In this way, you can save your nerves greatly. There are fewer reasons for stress as well. It is true that taking risks may be dangerous as well. You can get a bad grade at college, a fine at work or even be retired. It can be very difficult to overcome all challenges and make correct decisions in case you set the pace for a large group of people. Being a follower is much safer and protects you from nervousness and chronic stress.

Advantages of Leadership

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However, leadership has some significant pluses as well. They are important in many spheres of human activity. Leaders are highly estimated at universities where they become creators of different students’ organizations and communities. On the other hand, they can get some additional opportunities at work thanks to their skills and talents. So, which are the main benefits of being a leader? Can they cover the necessity to take the full responsibility for team shortcomings?

Be a Motivator

It is really amazing in case you are able to encourage other people to act in a certain way. You can help them deal with the hardest tasks and overcome various challenges. It is very useful both for college and work. It is possible to improve others’ productivity and make them act like a part of a great mechanism. You can set the pace for the whole team and reach the best result thanks to keeping your followers motivated for the hard work.

Get Higher Payment

Although you have to take risks and be responsible for others’ failures, you will probably receive a high salary. People with good leadership qualities can easily get a promotion or an increment. They often become CEOs of big companies. Of course, it guarantees a higher income than an average office worker has. Hence, it means that you will be paid for having stress and nervousness. It cannot replace your emotional health and stability, but having several thousands of dollars per month is not the worst prospect.

Followers’ Respect

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It is true that leaders can quickly gain others’ respect and be appreciated by people around them. Sure, everyone wants to have a high position in the society. You have such a chance in case you have good leadership features. Just pay attention to the famous people and their temper. Almost all of them are able to set the pace for others: politicians, creators of huge companies and so on. This is not easy to gain others’ acceptance and respect, but it is possible for leaders.

All in all, both of these two concepts have some benefits for young people. Unfortunately, they are surrounded by myths and inaccurate information. Your main target is indicating your traits of character and understanding which variant is more appropriate for you. Do not orient on others’ opinion in this case. It has to be your personal choice. Keep in mind that you cannot become a good leader in case your temper is more suitable for followership. That is why you should pay enough attention to this issue and provide success for yourself in the future.