Preliminary Remarks on Thesis Writing

If you are about to write a thesis you should, of course, know what it is. A thesis (sometimes called “dissertation” as well) is a formal piece of writing that is devoted to a certain scientific problem. As the structure and contents of a thesis is quite complicated you are to follow several essential steps to writing a thesis.

Step 1. Brainstorming and deciding on the topic.

First of all you are to choose the sphere of investigation. It should be closely connected with the area you are professional in. Remember that scientific works do not bear amateurs, so do your best to become a real professional.

Step 2. Selecting the material, collecting information.

To know what to write about you are to consult your scientific advisor, gather all the material on the topic. It is the most prolonged and tiresome procedure of the thesis writing as a whole.

Step 3. Writing, editing and proofreading.

Now it is a high time to express all the thoughts you have on paper. The writing itself is the most difficult, but fascinating process. Then follows proofreading, editing and formatting the thesis as well as check for grammar and spelling mistakes.

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